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Illustrating for Snazz Magazine

Magazine for the creative entrepreneur

I was first introduced to Snazz Magazine on Tiktok, a fellow illustrator friend had recently worked with them & I was so impressed by the content of this magazine and their values of helping out small businesses. I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of this magazine, so I got in touch for a shop advertisement...

A Little introduction to Snazz magazine:

Snazz Magazines editor and CEO is Bethany who provides ultimate growth services for businesses to shine. She creates business themed magazines jammed packed with handmade business promotions and advice from business experts. She is also a business coach and is the cheerleader most small businesses need in their corner!

❤️I loved the idea of Snazz being a female run magazine, collaborating with a range of business experts and supporting handmade businesses.

If you would like to pick up a copy of Snazz magazine - The ultimate magazine for your instagram growth follow this link ➡️

Shortly after my shop Scaredy Bones had been featured in their magazine (which btw I found so helpful & amazing they give creative small businesses free advertisement so you can reach more customers). - They also advertise for freelance illustrators & much more too. To submit your work/ business for advertisement

follow this link. ➡️

Bethany reached out to me on Instagram a few months after, about commissioning me to illustrate for issue 5, she had to wait to hear back from a few people but I was selected and so I was over the moon! 🌛

How to attract your dream client?

My suggestion to attract clients you would love to illustrate for is to create a range of pieces in your portfolio which would suit that magazine/ industry. If you are unsure what illustrators they would hire buy one of their magazines and see what they have commissioned in the past.

This is also a great way to get the art directors contact details as usually they will be included some where near the back. Plus it's always good to keep the inspiration flowing...

Remember when creating a portfolio only include work you would like to get hired for & only include your best work. It's better to have less work than work you are not proud of.

I've heard from publishing experts in New York while getting portfolio reviews "Your only as good as your weakest piece" and that has stuck with me!

What was it like working with Snazz mag?

Bethany was amazing to work with and gave me clear direction of her ideas which made some gorgeous pieces, I was also given creative freedom on a select amount of pieces which was lovely to see. From seeing the magazine in person it's very clear I loved the collaboration! So thank you Snazz for the commission, you are a total dream to work with & I look forward to working with you again in future.

In total I illustrated the front cover of issue 5 & 12 single page editorial illustrations inside. ✨❤️

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