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Gina Shord


Hello! I am an experienced illustrator originally from Cornwall, now based in London, UK. With a BA in Illustration from Falmouth University, I have been honing my craft since 2015.

Illustration Style

My illustrations have a unique wonky collage style that effectively conveys complex emotions, empathy, and human behavior in a relatable way. They are accessible, cheeky, and wholehearted, capturing both the wonderful and not-so-wonderful aspects that make us human.

Sources of Inspiration

I draw inspiration from a diverse range of sources. People-watching, quirky fashion, drag, tattoo culture, alternative subcultures, spooky things, loose sketchbooks, charity shop finds, and even American bits and bobs all contribute to my creative process.

Visual Elements

To bring my illustrations to life, I utilize bold colors, decorative patterns, and textured pencil-like elements. By incorporating slightly off-perspective angles, I create a charming, handmade aesthetic.

Ultimate Goal

My ultimate goal as an illustrator is to transform initial concepts into captivating, finalized illustrations. With my versatility and reliability as a freelance illustrator, I have successfully worked on various projects. I am dedicated to producing work that resonates with both clients and consumers alike.


gina shord illustration


Vans, BooSocki, The Sad Ghost Club, Happies, Lux Resorts & Hotels, Nesta/ Amazon, The Covent Gardener, PopShot Magazine, Design House Greetings, Salli Mae, & Smith Design, Cool Source Cards, Tatty Devine, Stance China, Snazz Socials, The Mayfarer Magazine, Trader Joe's.

If you would like to commission me please contact my Illustration agent:

Represented by Spinning Yarn Reps

Tel: (718) 930-9840

For all other enquiries:

Tel: +44 (0) 7799717727

Illustrator based in London

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