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This Luxury velvet moth cushion will bring style and individuality to your home. The moth cushion is beautifully colourful, will brighten up any space & bring more personality to your home.


Cushions are the easiest way to update your space and make it your own.

Choose something unique that will impress your guests and make a bold statement.


We use marbled velvet as this unique fabric catches the light and almost seems to come alive with movement. The pile goes in different directions, which causes a pretty, dappled effect. The velvet also keeps all the detail of the design, so it really is the perfect pair with our illustrations. 👌


In addition, they are amazingly comfortable and would soften any hard chairs in the house, are sumptuously soft and touchable. Making them the perfect cushion to cuddle up to.


Designed, illustrated & handmade in the UK, by me Gina.


Each cushion is handmade in small batches to avoid waste.



Illustration includes:

❤️ Colourful yellow, blue and red moth

❤️ cute skull on the moth’s body

❤️ small circular eyes

❤️ green flower pattern above and below moth

❤️ oval eyes within the moths wings



Materials & info:
Cover material: High quality Marbled Velvet with Yellow Fringe

Back cover: Black velvet Envelope back with Scaredy Bones silk tag

Fill material: Feather cushion pad optional
Dimensions: 14 Inches x 14 Inches

Fabric weight: 220 gsm



Washing instructions:

Preferably hand wash or spot clean. If not use low temperature, lay flat after washing and brushing pile into place. Every few washes if you feel the fibres stiffening at all, wait till the fabric is dry then give it a loving brush until you feel it relax and return to its pampered self.



Postage & packaging:


❤️ Cushion with pillow insert- Will be packed in a recyclable Polythene black mailer bag.


❤️ Cushion cover without insert- Will be send in a recyclable pink cardboard mailing box which can fit through your letter box! If you order more than one cushion cover, you will receive your order in a slightly wider pink cardboard mailer which does not fit through the letter box.


❤️ Cushion comes with a Scaredy Bones swing tag label which can be planted to grow wildflowers (the bees will thank you!).


Luxury Moth velvet cushion

PriceFrom £11.50
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