Gina Shord

Oh heyy! I'm an illustrator from Cornwall, living in London UK.


BA Illustration graduate from Falmouth University | 2015.

My simplified wonky collage-like style express complex emotions, thoughts, empathy & human behaviour in an approachable, cheeky or wholehearted manner. All the wonderful & not so wonderful things that make us human.

Things thats inspire me:

People watching, quirky fashion, drag, tattoo culture,  alternative subcultures, cute spooky things, loose sketchbooks, charity shop finds, American bits and bobs, & more.


I use bold colours, decorative patterns & loose pencil-like textures. I use slightly off perspective for a quirky handmade feel. Taking an initial idea into a finalised striking illustration.


I am a highly versatile and reliable freelance illustrator who has worked on a variety of projects and strives to produce work that resonates with clients and consumers alike.


Tel: +44 (0) 7799717727


gina shord illustration


BooSocki, The Sad Ghost Club, Happies, Lux Resorts & Hotels, Nesta/ Amazon, The Covent Gardener, PopShot Magazine, & Smith Design, Cool Source Cards, Tatty Devine, Stance China, Snazz Magazine